Updates on Canvas & Zoom Features

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Canvas Update – Rounded Grade Scheme

As of Aug. 9th, a new optional “Rounded Grading Scheme” is now available in Canvas.

If you decide to enable this grading scheme for your course(s), the benefit is that it will allow faculty to have your Canvas gradebook automatically round up final grades. If this grading scheme is selected, a 94.5% will be rounded up to be an “A” instead of an “A-“, a 89.5% will be rounded up to be an “A-” instead of an “B+”, etc.

The use of this new grading scheme is not a requirement and will not be selected in courses by default.

Canvas Update – SMS Notifications for Announcements & Grading

Canvas will be discontinuing SMS notifications for Announcements and Grading on July 31, 2021.

SMS options will no longer be available in the Canvas User Notifications area and SMS notifications will no longer be sent out. Email and Push notification options remain available and are unaffected by this change, and can be updated by navigating to the Account > Notifications area within Canvas.

Zoom Update – Passwords on Zoom Cloud Recordings

As previously communicated by the FIU Provost in his email dated July 2, 2021, only FIU authenticated users are able to access Zoom cloud recordings and meetings to help protect our students’ privacy, especially privacy relating to class video recordings.

You still have the option to disable this setting on a per meeting basis. However, to meet FIU security standards, we highly encourage you not to disable this setting, especially in instances when this setting is required such as when recording video that interact with FIU students, or any recordings intended for academic purposes.

Additionally, starting August 1, 2021, a passcode will be required to view Zoom cloud recordings and only students registered to those courses will have access to view them.

If you have any questions regarding this new Zoom policy update, please email us at zoomadmins@fiu.edu.

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