Prepping Final Grades for Summer A

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We would like to remind instructors of a few settings to consider with your Canvas Gradebook before grades are finalized and submitted.

Canvas Settings for Final Grades

  • Grading Scheme– It is essential that an instructor sets a course Grading Scheme that properly reflects the grading policy on the syllabus. Please verify your Grading Scheme is accurate in Canvas.
  • Missing Submission Policy– It is critical to input zeros for all past-due unsubmitted assignments. Cells left ungraded (containing a dash) are not counted in the final grade column tabulation, resulting in an inaccurate grade calculation. In the Canvas Gradebook, either enable a missing submission policy or set a default grade
  • Hidden Grades– Assignments that count toward the final grade must not be hidden and should be shown to students, so students can see their accurate grade in Canvas.  
  • Unused Assignments – Unused assignments in the Canvas Gradebook can affect the final grade. You may exclude assignments to prevent the assignment from affecting the final grade. If using assignment weights, another option is to move any assignments or quizzes that should not be calculated in the final grade to an assignment group that has no weighted value. 
  • Missing Assignments – Keep in mind that you would be missing any assignments completed outside of Canvas that are not being calculated towards the final grade.

Final Grades in PantherSoft

As a reminder, the Canvas PantherSoft Gradebook Integration is an easier way to enter final grades into MyFIU/Panthersoft. As a requirement for the Canvas PantherSoft Gradebook Integration, courses must have a Grading Scheme set and enabled. For detailed instructions, view the PantherSoft Canvas Integration Guide.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Canvas Help. Thank you.

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