Introducing Panther Book Pack

Panther Book Pack

Starting this Fall 2021 semester, FIU is introducing the Panther Book Pack, in partnership with our on-campus bookstore, Barnes & Noble. This is an affordability and equity initiative whereby students taking undergraduate courses are automatically enrolled to receive all of their textbooks and course materials (physical and/or digital) at a fixed-rate of $20 per credit. 

Faculty & Staff Webinars

Join us for an overview of and Q&A on this new textbook affordability initiative that will be effective with Fall 2021 for all undergraduate courses.

Panther Book Pack Syllabi Verbiage

Faculty are encouraged to use the following language in their syllabi.

FIU has implemented the Panther Book Pack rental program, which provides your required print and digital course materials at a flat rate of $20 per undergraduate credit hour. When you registered for your classes this session, you were notified via email of the required course materials that are included in the Panther Book Pack. The Panther Book Pack program applies to all undergraduate credit hours per academic session. I recommend that you review the pricing for all materials across your classes this session compared to the Panther Book Pack flat rate. If the Panther Book Pack is not your best option, you may opt out up to three days after the add/drop deadline. You may opt back into the Panther Book Pack up to three days after the add/drop deadline. If you do not opt out of the Panther Book Pack rental program, you will be charged $20 per credit hour and the course materials will be reserved for you for the undergraduate courses for which you are registered. For more details, visit

Some Tools Included in Panther Book Pack

The following publishers will deliver their digital content as part of the Panther Book Pack via direct link in Canvas. Feel free to click each tool below for more information about how to use them in Canvas:

For more information, please visit the Panther Book Pack information page.  

If you have any additional questions, please contact Canvas Help Thank you.

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