Online meeting with diverse group of people

Register for Fall 2022 FIU Online LIVE Certification

FIU Online is expanding the possibilities of online learning with Online LIVE (Learning In Virtual Environments),  a fully online course format with synchronous virtual class meetings. Online LIVE courses leverage cutting-edge technologies and evidence-based pedagogies to foster increased student interaction and create authentic learning experiences. In the Online LIVE format, synchronous sessions are not intended […]

Panther Book Pack

Introducing Panther Book Pack

Starting this Fall 2021 semester, FIU is introducing the Panther Book Pack, in partnership with our on-campus bookstore, Barnes & Noble. This is an affordability and equity initiative whereby students taking undergraduate courses are automatically enrolled to receive all of their textbooks and course materials (physical and/or digital) at a fixed-rate of $20 per credit.  […]

Students talking around a table

Yellowdig: Rethinking Online Discussions

Discussion activities are an important element of learning. They help build a community and foster student engagement. In addition, interactions between students promote critical thinking and a deeper understanding of course material. Moreover, instructors can establish a presence to create a welcoming atmosphere that increases student success. At the same time, traditional forms of online […]