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Register for Fall 2022 FIU Online LIVE Certification

FIU Online is expanding the possibilities of online learning with Online LIVE (Learning In Virtual Environments),  a fully online course format with synchronous virtual class meetings. Online LIVE courses leverage cutting-edge technologies and evidence-based pedagogies to foster increased student interaction and create authentic learning experiences. In the Online LIVE format, synchronous sessions are not intended […]

Driving Innovation to Earn 1st in ShellHacks

Student employees study, work, play and compete online, exemplifying the high-tech and innovative cyber culture of the university’s virtual arm. Recognized for its forward-thinking, next-level tech, FIU Online, the virtual arm of Florida International University is now known for employing staff members whose recent “Galaxy Golf” entry won 1st in ShellHacks, Florida’s largest hackathon. FIU […]

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FIU Online Interns Get Innovative

Each year, FIU participates in a community-wide Summer Youth Internship Program (SYIP). This program runs in partnership with Miami-Dade County Public Schools. SYIP connects high school students with paid part-time internship opportunities across the university. This exposes them to the world of higher education administration. Additionally, it helps them gain invaluable skills that can be […]

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Uplifting Assignments Spark Joy for Your Gradebook

FIU Online’s Insider Instructor Webinar series explores relevant instructional strategies and effective uses of technology for the online environment. Chicken Noodle Soup For Your Gradebook reviewed non-traditional learning activities and the process used to imagine them, in order to help you create assignments you enjoy grading. Instant Replay: Chicken Noodle Soup For Your Gradebook Grading […]


Learning Tools for Active Learning

FIU Online’s monthly Instructor Webinar series explores relevant instructional strategies and effective ways to use technology in an online classroom. The “Engage and Activate” webinar, presented in May 2021 by FIU Online’s Dr. Trina Sanders and Charles Roig, demonstrates how to use learning tools to incorporate active learning into your class. View the full instructor […]

Panther Book Pack

Introducing Panther Book Pack

Starting this Fall 2021 semester, FIU is introducing the Panther Book Pack, in partnership with our on-campus bookstore, Barnes & Noble. This is an affordability and equity initiative whereby students taking undergraduate courses are automatically enrolled to receive all of their textbooks and course materials (physical and/or digital) at a fixed-rate of $20 per credit.  […]