Online LIVE and Surprise Graduate Benefits 

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As Insider readers know, FIU continuously seeks to enhance the online learning experience for students and instructors alike. With the introduction of Online LIVE, an immersive instructional delivery model, FIU Online is redefining the boundaries of virtual education. 

What is Online LIVE? 

Taking inspiration from Harvard’s effective HBX Live model, Online LIVE integrates high-resolution video walls—large, clear screens composed of smaller screens—alongside sightline research, aimed at optimizing visibility for everyone. This approach is combined with thoughtfully selected subject matter to promote an immersive and interactive remote learning atmosphere. Unlike conventional online courses that solely rely on self-paced learning, Online LIVE incorporates scheduled sessions. During these sessions, instructors lead students through practical problem-solving exercises relevant to their specific fields. 

Ideal for Graduate Courses 

Online LIVE demonstrated positive outcomes across a range of FIU courses. However, pilot study data reveals a strong impact on graduate-level education especially. Our hypothesis? The format’s emphasis on personalized interactions, authentic learning experiences, and real-world applications aligns well with the learning objectives of upper-level specializations. This alignment empowers graduate students to delve deeper into their chosen fields, engage in meaningful discussions with peers and instructors, and develop skills essential for advanced practice and scholarship. Altogether, students experience a white-glove pedagogy with fully online flexibility, a pair conducive to graduate study.  

Key Benefits 

The current phase of the Online LIVE pilot study has also shed light on four key benefits in graduate courses. These can help inform teaching practices of all kinds and courses at all levels: 

  • Personalized Interactions: Online LIVE fosters personalized interactions between students and instructors, creating a supportive and engaging learning environment. 
  • Authentic Learning Experiences: Students apply their knowledge to real-world problems, gaining a deeper understanding of course concepts. 
  • Flexibility: Online LIVE courses offer the flexibility of asynchronous learning while providing the benefits of synchronous interaction. 
  • Advanced Technology: High-resolution video walls and sightline research ensure an immersive and interactive classroom experience. 

The Future of Online LIVE 

With the upcoming completion of the FIU Interactive Learning Arena, Online LIVE is poised to reach new heights. The arena will feature cutting-edge technology, including high-resolution video walls and spatial audio cues, further enhancing the immersive and interactive nature of its courses. 

FIU Online is committed to continuously refining and evaluating the effectiveness of Online LIVE, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of transforming the online learning landscape and meeting the evolving needs of students at all levels.  

If you or your department are interested in adopting Online LIVE, visit this page to get started.  

Michael A. Martin is an instructional designer and writer for the Continuing and Professional Education team at FIU Online. He is also an adjunct lecturer in Writing and Rhetoric at FIU.

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