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Online LIVE and Surprise Graduate Benefits 

As Insider readers know, FIU continuously seeks to enhance the online learning experience for students and instructors alike. With the introduction of Online LIVE, an immersive instructional delivery model, FIU Online is redefining the boundaries of virtual education.  What is Online LIVE?  Taking inspiration from Harvard’s effective HBX Live model, Online LIVE integrates high-resolution video […]

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Fresh Baked and Research Based: The QM Rubric’s 7th Edition is here! 

The Quality Matters Framework has served as a North Star for FIU Online’s course developers for over 10 years. In that time, and in collaboration with 398 faculty members, FIU Online has successfully certified over 700 Quality Matters courses.   Why QM? Simple. Embracing QM as a standard for course design not only enhances the […]

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Using Universal Design Principles for Assignments 

As FIU Online Insider concludes the UDL mini-series, this article will be supporting you with the best tips in creating assignments with a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework.    Adopting UDL principles when designing assignments creates a more inclusive and engaging learning environment. UDL recognizes that learners differ in their preferences, abilities, and learning styles. It […]

FIU instructional designers at Innovation Summit

FIU Online Makes an Impact at Innovation Summit

The Florida Online Innovation Summit is an annual opportunity for Florida college and university educators, instructional designers, and administrators to exchange ideas and discuss initiatives to innovate online education. At this year’s meeting in March, FIU Online instructional designers Amanda González Izquierdo, Aaron Robles, and Kieron Williams, in collaboration with our Associate Director of Learning […]

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How Classroom Technology Translates to Instructional Design Success

Educators transitioning out of the classroom find their home in Instructional Design. For K-12 educators, countless hours are dedicated to training and certifications to enhance the student learning experience each school year. Educators are known for their ability to facilitate learning and create engaging learning experiences for their students.   What many people may not […]