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Is it Me, or ChatGPT?: An Intervention for AI-Resistant Educators

Since ChatGPT’s arrival, many educators view generative AI as an existential threat to education. However, this fear reflects a historical pattern – societal resistance to transformative technologies like the printing press, telephone, and internet. Those who adapted ended up harnessing these innovations to shape the future, while resistant parties found themselves left behind, facing growing […]

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Unlocking Student Potential: Navigating Online Learning for Students with Disabilities

As online education continues to expand, creating an inclusive learning environment that supports all students—including those with disabilities—has become more critical than ever. By implementing accessible teaching strategies, faculty can provide students with disabilities an equal opportunity to succeed. This article explores some of the needs of students with disabilities and effective practices for supporting […]

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Tri-University Graduate Conference: Twenty-Two Years of Collaboration 

On Friday, March 22, 2024, Florida International University (FIU) hosted the twenty-second Tri-University Graduate Conference at its Modesto A. Maidique Campus (MMC). This annual collaboration between FIU, University of Miami (UM), and Florida Atlantic University (FAU) welcomes graduate students of all disciplines to share their research on the vibrant peoples of Latin America, the Caribbean, […]

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A Fresh Take on Digital Media Literacy and Online Critical Thinking Skills 

In the age of AI and online misinformation, how do we prepare incoming students for effectively navigating today’s online spaces?  The Concept  Promoting digital literacy as a central focus for incoming college students is not a recent development. Digital literacy as a concept was first introduced in 1997 as “the skill to exploit the technology […]

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How Game Elements Can Supercharge Course Design: Measurement and Feedback in Games and Learning 

The way measurement and feedback are featured in games ought to be dissected by anyone who facilitates, designs, or delivers instruction.  This article is part of a series exploring the intersections of game and learning design.  I am enthusiastic about tabletop gaming and instructional design. Having spent significant time in both spaces, I believe that […]

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Online LIVE and Surprise Graduate Benefits 

As Insider readers know, FIU continuously seeks to enhance the online learning experience for students and instructors alike. With the introduction of Online LIVE, an immersive instructional delivery model, FIU Online is redefining the boundaries of virtual education.  What is Online LIVE?  Taking inspiration from Harvard’s effective HBX Live model, Online LIVE integrates high-resolution video […]

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Fresh Baked and Research Based: The QM Rubric’s 7th Edition is here! 

The Quality Matters Framework has served as a North Star for FIU Online’s course developers for over 10 years. In that time, and in collaboration with 398 faculty members, FIU Online has successfully certified over 700 Quality Matters courses.   Why QM? Simple. Embracing QM as a standard for course design not only enhances the […]