FIU instructional designers at Innovation Summit

FIU Online Makes an Impact at Innovation Summit

The Florida Online Innovation Summit is an annual opportunity for Florida college and university educators, instructional designers, and administrators to exchange ideas and discuss initiatives to innovate online education. At this year’s meeting in March, FIU Online instructional designers Amanda González Izquierdo, Aaron Robles, and Kieron Williams, in collaboration with our Associate Director of Learning […]

Illustration of a woman in a purple outfit walking toward a door that says "Classroom exit" above the frame.

How Classroom Technology Translates to Instructional Design Success

Educators transitioning out of the classroom find their home in Instructional Design. For K-12 educators, countless hours are dedicated to training and certifications to enhance the student learning experience each school year. Educators are known for their ability to facilitate learning and create engaging learning experiences for their students.   What many people may not […]

Human hand writing on notepad paralleled with robotic hand writing on a laptoo

Hello, ChatGPT.

Okay, let’s talk Who or what are you?  ChatGPT is a cutting-edge language model developed by OpenAI. Using deep learning techniques, it is able to generate human-like text, making it a powerful tool for natural language processing tasks such as language translation, text summarization, and conversation simulation. With its ability to understand and respond to […]

Crumpled paper in the shape of two heads facing each other. One head's mouth is covered by a giant red x representing censorship

Covering Controversial Topics in a Polarized Classroom 

Controversial topics in higher education are far from a new phenomenon, but the pressures of teaching in the era of call-out culture have introduced a new layer of vulnerability when approaching certain topics within the classroom.   Many instructors, out of fear of backlash, choose self-censorship or avoid controversial topics entirely. However, avoiding relevant topics is […]

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Summer 2022 Final Grades Prep

As instructors, consider the following settings with your Canvas Gradebook before Summer B & Summer C 2022 final grades are finalized and submitted. Canvas Settings for Summer 2022 Final Grades Grading SchemeIt is essential that an instructor sets a course Grading Scheme that properly reflects the grading policy on the syllabus. Please verify your Grading […]