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Reducing The “Distance” in Distance Learning

Online educators know that the “distance” in distance learning is more than just a separation of geography and time. Michael Moore describes transactional distance as a psychological and communication barrier to cross. It’s a “space of potential misunderstanding between the inputs of the instructor and those of the learner that is present in learning environments” […]

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Faculty Choice Award Winners Sound Off: 2017 Innovative Course Design

Recently, Insider has checked in with previous Faculty Choice Award winners to inspire you to nominate your own course (the deadline is October 5, 2018). Our next featured winner is Educational Psychology professor, Dr. Melody Whiddon-Willoughby. Be sure to join us at FIU Online Con 2018 when we announce the 2018 winners. Meet Dr. Melody Whiddon-Willoughby […]

Faculty Choice Awards: Innovative Use of Open Content

Faculty Choice Award Winners Sound Off: 2017 Innovative Open Content

In the run-up to FIU Online Con 2018, Insider is catching up with past Faculty Choice Award winners. In our second installment, International Relations professor Dr. Anjana Mishra talks about her 2017 award-winning course. Visit the Faculty Choice Awards website to nominate your own course today. Meet Dr. Anjana Mishra Dr. Anjana Mishra teaches in […]


Making an Impact with Microlearning

The term “microlearning” has received increased buzz over the last year as educators and trainers continue to explore ways to engage students and reduce learning gaps. Defining Microlearning Microlearning is an approach which features relatively small learning units. Gaining popularity in the field of corporate training, microlearning uses short-term activities designed for quick delivery of […]

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Faculty Choice Award Winners Sound Off: Student Engagement with Dr. Ritchie

Since 2014, the Faculty Choice Awards for online courses has become one of the most anticipated events at the annual FIU Online Conference. Each year, faculty self-nominate a fully-online course for an award in one of five categories: Student Engagement, Innovative Use of Open Content, Innovative Course Design, Creative Tool Use, and Top Score in […]

5 Considerations when Providing Feedback to Promote Learning

Instructional design principles promote the value of providing feedback to learners. Effective feedback can help students as they gain new knowledge and assist instructors in providing guidance for students in successfully completing course goals. If delivered effectively, feedback is useful in influencing achievement and motivating learners. Not all feedback is created equal. In Focus on […]

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H5P – A Free Super Tool for Creating Interactive Content

The effective use of educational technology is paramount to students’ academic success and lifelong growth.  Finding meaningful ways to engage and elicit students’ intrinsic motivation have been a constant challenge to the growing field of online education.  Given the multi-faceted needs of learners as well as their inherently diverse learning styles, finding a super tool […]