Top 6 Reasons Amazon Should Pick Miami

Greetings from Miami

As Amazon ponders a location to set up its second headquarters, we at FIU Online would like to present some compelling ideas why the e-commerce giant should consider the “Sunshine State” or, more specifically, Miami. Aside from the fact that Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, actually went to high school in Miami—and it would be fitting for him to consider giving back to the community that once gave to him—here are six more reasons:

#6: Miami is a large, diverse city and “gateway” to Latin America. Listed as one of the top cities in the nation with one of the largest foreign-born populations, Miami’s workforce offers global companies an international view and the kind of diversity needed to communicate with multilingual communities.

#5: There’s plenty of good weather. Miami offers employees year-round outdoor activities and a quality of life that is attractive to many. This could be key to attracting exceptional talent.

#4: There’s plenty of space. According to recent reports, the City of Doral has proposed a 47-acre zone in its downtown area for the headquarters.

#3: Miami International Airport is an intercontinental hub. The city offers global travel for multinational corporations doing business all over the world.

#2: Amazon could tap into Florida International University’s 54K students and alumni for internship opportunities. Fresh, young talent could fill a need for new, innovative ideas and offer Amazon partnerships that could help foster new research and developments in business.

#1: FIU is designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education by the NSA and Homeland Security. FIU offers master’s programs in Computer Engineering and a fully online graduate Network Security program. This is important to companies like Amazon that rely on e-commerce and need well-versed, forward-thinking cyber-sleuths to ensure their networks are safe.

Amazon will take a year to decide on their new headquarters, however, we believe the choice is clear—we’re ready, just as the company’s slogan says, to “work hard, have fun, make history” in the “Magic City.”

Monica Smith, aka “Mon Wordsmith,” is an FIU Online Content Strategist who can quote AP Style like scripture. She makes full use of her English major (creative writing) and her extensive experience in media (newspapers, magazines, books, PR, video, radio, web). She joined the FIU Online Marketing team in 2017 and provides original web content, advertising, marketing and internal and external communications. A world traveler, she loves to cook.

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