Top 10 Ways FIU is Changing Online Education

  1. We make opportunities for our students.
    Increased access to education equals more opportunities for students. Florida International University’s online degree programs are specifically designed for key industries, such as computer engineering, cybersecurity, public health, and hospitality, which need employees. FIU Online delivers education to students anywhere they are, and our fully online students don’t have to ever step on campus (unless they want to) to earn an FIU degree. Opportunity is literally at their fingertips.

  2. We make quality matter.
    Quality matters so much to FIU that 367 of FIU’s online courses are Quality Matters certified, ensuring their value. Our expert instructional designers (IDs) are proud to boast that FIU’s online programs make up the second-highest number of QM-certified courses in the nation and the first in Florida.

  3. We get high-schoolers on the fast track.
    It’s never too early to start college. All eligible high school students who want a head start on obtaining their college degree can do it fully online through the Dual Enrollment program. The program features the same world-class FIU faculty and can be accessed from anywhere in the U.S.

  4. We make affordability count.
    FIU Online developed the Affordability Counts program, an initiative aimed at reducing the cost of textbooks and materials to less than $60 per course. More than 270 courses have been added to the growing list of courses awarded an Affordability Counts medallion, and over 10,000 students have collectively saved more than $750,000 on course materials. The savings is nearly $79 per course, and the average spend for materials in Affordability Counts certified courses is $21.

  5. We make sure students are adjusting to their program.
    FIU Online offers every undergraduate, fully online student their own, personal success coach to help them adjust to their fully online learning experience. We help our students create a plan to work toward their goals, while maximizing the resources and services available to them, such as tutoring, FIU’s online librarian, research support, and career services.

  6. We work hard to close gaps.
    While technology is changing every industry, FIU Online is using technology to reach more students to create a greater pool of candidates primed with real-world education to help close the skills, knowledge and employment gaps in organizations, worldwide. Innovative programs like the bachelor’s degree in internet of things, and the bachelor’s degree in crime science, as well as the master’s degrees in engineering management offer students relevant curricula that address the areas the world’s industries need.

  7. We have partnerships worldwide.
    FIU maintains several partnerships with organizations to help increase access to online education for all students. Whether it’s starting or finishing a degree, we want students to achieve their goals. Every FIU college with online degree programs also maintains valuable industry partnerships within the state and worldwide, such as the Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, which sponsors the South Beach Wine and Food Festival.

  8. We help students become employed.
    In addition to many career services that students can take advantage of, the FIU Online Career Engage initiative offers students tools such as LinkedIn Premium accounts for top students, to help them succeed post-graduation.

  9. We leverage technology to help students learn and succeed.
    FIU Online continually seeks ways to help its online students learn and is using artificial intelligence (AI) to close the gap between man and machine. The conversational AI technology measures a student’s knowledge, comprehension and business application skills, and guides them toward conceptual mastery with personalized tutoring.

  10. We sponsor our own online eSports team.
    FIU is in the process of designing an eSports arena for its students and is developing its own eSports teams to tie into existing professional and intercollegiate leagues. This venture will allow the university to have virtual teams and provide online students the ability to play college sports for the university either at a competitive or intramural level.

Monica Smith, aka “Mon Wordsmith,” is an FIU Online Content Strategist who can quote AP Style like scripture. She makes full use of her English major (creative writing) and her extensive experience in media (newspapers, magazines, books, PR, video, radio, web). She joined the FIU Online Marketing team in 2017 and provides original web content, advertising, marketing and internal and external communications. A world traveler, she loves to cook.

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