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Remote vs. Online Learning: It Makes a Difference

The Emergency Response In response to the coronavirus pandemic, FIU transitioned over 400 face-to-face classes to remote learning. It was no small task. Success not only depended on the cooperation of different FIU administrative bodies, but the patience, ingenuity, and creativity of faculty, students, and instructional designers.  To observers of higher education, the current health […]

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Plagiarism in Online Courses

Plagiarism and cheating have existed in education long before online learning. That being said, with online learning comes new ways and opportunities for plagiarism. Why do students cheat? While it can be intentional, it can also be because students feel they are not capable of completing the task, aren’t prepared, or don’t have enough time (Edsurge). […]

FIU Online Conference 2018 Recap

On Friday morning, November 2nd, 2018, two hundred and twenty-two people traveled to FIU’s waterfront Biscayne Bay campus to attend FIU Online’s 17th annual FIU Online Con. The conference opened with an empowering keynote from an internationally recognized and seriously creative multimedia artist, Phil Hansen. Through his innovative and jaw-dropping approach to working within his […]

Looking at the Future of Cognitive Technology in Education

Artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive technology, and machine learning are becoming increasingly intertwined in the classroom and online learning environment as products like IBM Watson Element aim to make personalized learning attainable and functional. A recent article published by IBM presented some interesting and compelling uses of IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence supercomputer to assist teachers and […]