Remote Teach Ready for All

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In preparation for the Summer B 2020 & Fall 2020 terms and ongoing efforts to preserve academic continuity, we would like to inform you that the Remote Teach Ready (RTR) Micro-credential has been extended to the entire FIU instructor community.

Remote Teach Ready Training

By participating in the RTR Workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to enhance remote teaching skills and consult with Instructional Designers during the live sessions.

FIU Remote Teach Ready Badge

Earners of the RTR badge will attain a fundamental understanding of remote teaching technologies to ensure academic continuity while working in a remote environment. As a practitioner, the badge earner learns to implement key technologies such as the essentials of Canvas and Zoom.

Register Now

You can find more information and the workshop schedule that spans over the summer months. This series of workshops is open to the entire FIU Instructor community. Sign up today!

To keep up to date with the latest information on FIU’s remote learning endeavors, review the information on FIU’s Academic Continuity page.

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