Prepping for Fall 2020 Online

Fall Semester Update

The Fall 2020 semester is just around the corner and FIU Online wants to make sure you’re aware of the steps you need to take to get your online course ready. If your course has been previously designed with the FIU Online team, you can take the following steps to complete course preparations for the new term.  

Steps to Get Started

  1. Request your Canvas course copy at Be sure to include any special directions in the specified text box. A member of the Canvas Help Team will complete your case within 72 hours of your request. 
  2. Update your course due dates. You can change dates manually by assignment or you can activate the Canvas Due Date Changer which allows you to change all course due dates from one place.
  3. Edit your course syllabus. Depending on how your syllabus was developed when the course was first designed, your syllabus can be built on either the Canvas Syllabus Page or with Creator Pro
  4. Review your course content, grade book settings, and update it as needed. Update your discussion prompts and content pages as needed. Make sure to set due dates at the start of each module or unit week according to your updated syllabus. 

You can read helpful tips and watch a step-by-step video in this recent issue of the Instructor Field Guide newsletter. FIU Online recognizes completing course preparation tasks takes some practice; remember, we’re here to help guide you. Open a support ticket at or call (305) 348-3630 so that we can assist you.

Additional Support

If you are an academic unit administrator and would like to request an instructor training on completing the above steps, please email us at  

Additionally, FIU Online is continuing to host Blast Off: Launching your Fall 2020 Course, a hands-on, half-day workshop that provides instructors with real-time support towards completing their Fall online course preparations. Learn more information about the Blast Off workshop.

Instructional Guides

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