Now available through Blackboard: Libguides

Libguides Blackboard Integration

Libguides provides direct access to library resources created by our own FIU librarians. Students can view library resources right alongside other course information – and they don’t have to leave Blackboard. 

Via this new integration, content from the guides can be embedded into a course. You can insert content from:

  • Full Guides
  • Single Pages
  • Content Boxes

You can even insert content from the Library’s databases such as:

  • All A-Z databases
  • Subject Databases + specialist information
  • Specific A-Z Databases
  • New/Trial Databases

To learn how to bring the Libguides into Blackboard, visit the Library Hacks libguide or talk to your instructional designer for technical details. To build a custom guide for your course, you can speak to your librarian.


Libguides in Blackboard (PDF) – PDF version of PowerPoint tutorial. Includes screenshots.

Libguides in Blackboard (Text Only) – Step-by-Step instructions on inserting Libguides into Blackboard. Numbered list with no images included.

Honors College Faculty and former FIU Online Educational Technology Manager

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