New FIU Fully Online Degree in Internet of Things

Internet of things

The program is forward-thinking, relevant and needed.

Technology is moving at such a rapid pace that gadgets now have their own cloud network and language as they speak to each other and collect info on us, daily. That technology now requires professionals who can manage the Internet of Things (IoT).

Florida International University is the first university in the U.S. to offer a bachelor’s degree to fill this need with a four-year degree in IoT. The revolutionary program launches Fall Semester, 2018, and it’s offered fully online in the cloud, naturally.

It’s the network

“IoT is the new frontier,” says Dr. Alexander Pons, professor within the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. “You see so much cross-discipline success and the applications for the degree are numerous as the medical, transportation, and government sectors continually add new technology.”

What exactly is IoT? This is jargon for the network of smart devices like phones, voice-activated smart speakers, security systems, appliances, watches, cameras, or even medical equipment and wearables. It’s the complex web of communication between devices and how they link and work together to improve how we live.

Who’s hiring and for what?

With about 20 billion IoT devices projected to be used around the world in about five years, the job market for graduates with specific IoT knowledge is projected to grow exponentially as well. Forward-thinking companies are already looking precisely for trained individuals. The list of companies seeking IoT trained individuals reads like a who’s who of the Fortune 500—Amazon, IBM, HP, Honeywell, Cisco Systems. The jobs they’re looking to fill? A small sampling of titles includes Embedded Engineer, IoT Hardware Engineer, IoT Software Engineer, and IoT Technical Architect.

The need is there

Dr. Kemal Akkaya, the IoT Program coordinator, mentions that the program covers four fundamental areas for IoT including hardware, programming, cybersecurity and wireless communications.  And the rising use of these smart devices increases concerns regarding privacy issues as well as hacking. FIU Online IoT graduates will also be educated with the most relevant information and best practices so they can anticipate and block breaches in the world of IoT.

“This is a highly flexible degree with a large range of real-world uses,” says Dr. Pons, who explained that students entering the program today are studying for jobs that may not even exist today but will be created within the next years. “We’re at the very beginning of something that will be taking off.”

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