New Canvas Updates that Rock!

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This article highlights select features that have been updated on Canvas recently. This is not a comprehensive list of updates. The full availability of Canvas Release updates are available for review. 

Student Annotation Submissions

Instructors can use an annotated assignment type to upload a file for students to annotate and submit directly in Canvas. Annotations can also be created on the Canvas Student app.

In the assignment creation page, instructors can select the option to create a Student Annotation assignment type. The file that should be annotated is uploaded for the assignment as part of the Online assignment type. Students can complete the annotation assignment directly in Canvas using the annotation tools in DocViewer. 

Speedgrader Comment Library

Comments can be added and saved for reuse within SpeedGrader. This change allows graders to save frequently used comments in SpeedGrader and be reused across multiple students and assignments.

When instructors and other graders access SpeedGrader, the comments field includes a Feedback option that opens the Comment Library. Comments can be entered in the text field and added to the comment library. Comments can be added directly from the Comment Library by opening the library and clicking the comment that should be added. The library will close and the comment will display in SpeedGrader. Comments can also be added via comment search in SpeedGrader. Suggestions will be turned off by default, but graders can turn the feature on at any time.

Once comments have been added to the comment library, and a user starts to type a comment into the Comment field, SpeedGrader will provide up to five comment suggestions already saved in the Library. Suggested comments can be clicked and selected and populated into the Comment field.

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