FIU Online Multimedia Studios

Have you visited the FIU Online studios located in the MANGO building? A large portion of the fifth floor is taken up by two video recording spaces, a sound booth, a multimedia working space and control rooms.

Each recording space was carefully designed to allow faculty to record and produce high quality learning content for online and hybrid students.

Let’s take a quick tour of the spaces and discover what’s possible in each one.

First up is the ‘White Room, the smaller of the two studios. This studio has professional-grade lighting equipment and is mostly used for 1 or 2 camera shoots. It can also be used for photography as the backdrops can be switched out.


Finally, this studio houses the ‘Learning Glass’ which produces highly engaging whiteboard-style videos where students can see their professor as they write.


Next up is the ‘Soundbooth’. This space has soundproofed walls and acoustic panels installed for high quality audio recordings including voiceovers and podcasts.


Soundbooth is equipped with 2 large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphones with swivel mounts, an audio mixer with studio-quality preamps for powerful digital processing and a height-adjustable table so you can record standing up or sitting down.

If you’d like to add webcam videos to your presentations, this space is also equipped with small studio lights and a backdrop.


Right next to Soundbooth we find the ‘Creative Cloud’. This is where the multimedia team sits and works on editing and fine-tuning all the projects. Some of the multimedia services they provide include audio/video production, virtual reality, photography, animation and graphic design.


Lastly, we have ‘Green Studio’. This is the large video production studio. The space contains cyclorama walls and professional-grade lighting equipment.


It is equipped with 3 cameras (including a remote controlled camera), 2 large-screen teleprompters and a large 65” confidence monitor display. The space is also Airmedia enabled, meaning you can wirelessly stream photos, slide decks and videos to be superimposed on the recording. In addition to all that, this studio is also equipped with a Tricaster Mini which can create virtual sets.


As you can see, the FIU Online studios are equipped with cutting-edge technology to help faculty bring their online and hybrid courses to the next level of engaging and effective online learning for their students. 

Want to book the studio and start creating content? Contact your instructional designer today.



Visit our Multimedia Services Website for more information.

Honors College Faculty and former FIU Online Educational Technology Manager.