Introducing New Canvas Functionality

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Beginning June 20, 2020, there will be four new features added to Canvas that would add functionality to your courses.

Bulk Edit Assignments

The Assignments page now supports editing all assignments, discussion, and quiz dates on a single page. This change allows assignment dates to be adjusted at one time in the same location. More information on Bulk Edit Assignments can be found on the video below.

Bulk Editing Enhancements in Canvas for Instructors

Multiple File Upload Enhancements

Course Files has been updated to clarify support of drag-and-drop functionality.

Rubrics to Course Menu

A link to easily access your course rubrics is added to the course navigation menu.

Course Level Notifications

Instructors are able to specify notification preferences within an individual course. More information can be found at the Canvas documentation site.

Sky V. has been rocking the FIU Online Instructional Designer "hat" since 2012. She promotes the use of best pedagogical practices and implementation of diverse forms of technology, yielding a positive online teaching experience for our professors and engaging learning experience for our students. Her areas of expertise include social media, user interface design, Quality Matters, and the Canvas LMS. Since 2019, she has been a Canvas Advocate. Sky is also an Adjunct Instructor with FIU's Marketing and Logistics department.

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