H5P – A Free Super Tool for Creating Interactive Content

The effective use of educational technology is paramount to students’ academic success and lifelong growth.  Finding meaningful ways to engage and elicit students’ intrinsic motivation have been a constant challenge to the growing field of online education.  Given the multi-faceted needs of learners as well as their inherently diverse learning styles, finding a super tool to create interactive, dynamic content is exhilarating. H5P is one such tool.

What Is H5P?

H5P supercharges learning contents through the creation of interactive videos, interactive presentations, quizzes, interactive timelines and more.  It has an intuitive interface making it user-friendly with minimal learning curve.

H5P can be easily integrated in Canvas and it is mobile friendly too.  It works fluidly once the codes are embedded and published.  It is extremely useful in creating interactive self-tests and assessments.  Readings and lessons can be chunked and scaffolded by incorporating H5P learning objects.  More so, videos can be viewed while at the same time allowing students to check their understanding as well as knowledge retention.

Another amazing feature of H5P is that it can be embedded in other eLearning authoring tools such as Articulate Rise and Easy Generator.  Currently, H5P SaaS is currently testing the beta version of an LTI for Canvas. Nevertheless, the free version will be maintained and made available to the public.  In fact, they are currently working on their next release which includes branching scenario, documentation tool improvements, major copyright improvements and interactive video improvements.

How Do I Get Started?

Here is an example of a self-test from Lippincott CoursePoint for Polit and Beck: Essentials of Nursing Research (9th Ed.).  It was originally a PowerPoint file.  In this self-test, feedback is provided after a response is submitted.  Solutions are likewise available at the end of the assessment.

In essence, H5P breathes more life to online courses  through the creation of various content types purposefully designed to enrich and enhance learning.  Please click on the hotspots to know more about the various H5P content types.  Try it today!


Infographic:  What Is H5P and Why Do You Need It?

Infographic: What is H5P & Why Do You Need It?

April was a guest contributor to the Insider and was an Instructional Designer with FlU Online. She has taught in middle school for more than 10 years. Additionally, she was an Adjunct Professor in the School of Urban and Regional Planning at the Florida Atlantic University. She loves designing and creating interactive, purposeful and intuitive content using HTML 5 and Web 2.0 tools. April is always in search of the best edtech and authoring tools that can be used in designing high-quality online courses.

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