FIU Online presents 3 sessions at Florida Distance Learning Association Conference

FIU Online was invited to present a total of three sessions at the 2017 Florida Distance Learning Association (FDLA) conference in Altamonte Springs, Florida. The theme for this year’s conference was: “Driving Distance Learning to Excellence.”

The FDLA Annual Conference aims “to share knowledge, experiences, and information concerning strategies and technologies for the advancement of distance learning.”

This conference was originally scheduled in August, but had to be rescheduled to January due to Hurricane Irma.

“Affordability Counts” Session

On the first day of the conference, shortly after the opening keynote, the first set of concurrent presentations kicked off.

Under the “Open Educational Resources” category, Gus Roque (Educational Technology Manager) and David-John Palmer (Associate Director of Instructional Design & Media) presented on FIU’s affordability initiative in a session titled, “Affordability Counts.” This session addressed the Affordability Counts program and how this unique approach encourages faculty to save students money.

“Policies and Practices” Panel Session

Gus Roque (Educational Technology Manager) joined panel members from around the state to discuss “Policies and Practices Impacting the Effectiveness of Online Pedagogies.”  The panel members included: Robert O’Leary (ICUF), Kelvin Thompson (UCF Center for Distributed Learning) and Anymir Orellana.  The panel was moderated by Gabriela Mendez.

The panel discussed upcoming policies at the state level and also university practices that are shaping the direction of distance education.  

“Master Template” Session

Cinthya Rojas (Senior Instructional Designer) and Jennifer Echeverri (Instructional Designer) presented a session titled, “Benefits of a Master Template: Consistency, Efficiency, Compliance.”

This session was part of the “Quality and Consistency in Higher Ed” category of concurrent presentations. Cinthya and Jennifer discussed FIU Online’s master template for online courses and shared some best practices when implementing a master template.

Florida Distance Learning Association

FIU Online was thankful to be invited to FDLA’s annual conference. Please follow the links below to review the full conference agenda and review FIU Online’s Affordability Counts program.


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