FIU Online Co-hosts Fourth Annual International Seminar on Online Higher Education

Miami, Florida, January 16, 2018–Technology is making the world an increasingly smaller place. As more institutions embrace distance learning and the demand for online learning surges, interest in best practices and tried-and-true methods will continue to grow.

In response to this movement, Florida International University, a leader in “e-learning” since 1998, welcomed international delegates to attend the fourth annual 2017 International Seminar on Online Higher Education in Management, an event the university co-hosted with OBS Business School (a subsidiary of Planeta Formación and Universities, an entity belonging to Grupo Planeta).

“The organizations that participated wanted to know more about advancement, access and enhancements in online education,” said Joseph Riquelme, Assistant Vice President of FIU Online. “We were happy to share our competence in these areas as we are a natural partner because our student populations are so similar.”

The seminar, held on October 9th and 10th, accommodated more than 20 international guests representing 16 institutions from eight Spanish-speaking countries and re-opened dialogue on trends, management, learning outcomes and international partnerships that could be forged to address education in the 21st century. It also strengthened the international network of education providers to advance the field through collaborative efforts.   

The institutions in attendance included: Virtual and National University of Quilmes; 21st Century University; Online, Flexibe and Open Educational Specialist (ex FGV); “Centro de Educação a Distância – CEDaD Mackenzie Presbyterian University”; Universidad Mayor; Pontificia Universidad Javeriana – Bogotá; ONE D; CEIPA University Foundation; Tecnológico de Monterrey; Anahuac Online University; UMAD University; EBC Banking and Commercial School; Peruvian University of Applied Sciences – UPC; EQUAA; Florida International University; OBS Business School; OBServatory.

The international community of deans, directors, professors and researchers who participated in this year’s seminar on online higher education had a simple goal: to build on ideas that improve educational research, access and success for students worldwide. In specific, discussed topics included predictive analytics, student success strategies; evaluation of learning and quality assurance; pedagogical models in online higher education; and international collaboration between universities and online programs.

As a preeminent leader in online education, FIU Online willingly shares its vision, which is to provide high-quality online degree programs as well as credit and non-credit courses with students worldwide—programs that are known for innovation, high-level support, and a commitment to pedagogical excellence. Events like the 2017 International Seminar on Online Higher Education are crucial to spread this inclusive, global view of online education and to fulfill future goals regarding accessibility to education.

“Events like these are a must to help our industry widen its reach and  improve our understanding on how to serve an online, international population,” said Riquelme. Riquelme delivered the opening address and presented “El Análisis Predictivo y la Gestión del Éxito Académico de Nuestros Estudiantes,” where he discussed new methods using predictive analytics.

“It is only with thorough analysis, mature reflection and a clear vision of the possibilities and limitations of our environment that we will find answers or solutions to our primary concerns,” stated Andreu Bellot, Director of Methodology and Innovation OBS Business School, Planeta Formación y Universidades, in his welcome address.

FIU’s location in Miami makes it a natural, global hub for learning and e-learning. With one of the most diverse student populations and faculty, FIU offers a truly international experience to all of its students. Online programs reflect the same diversity, quality and accreditations. But what makes FIU Online unique is its mission, which is to deliver the highest quality online experience.

“Education is the key to our shared future. We look forward to participating in events like these, making connections and building a future together as we move toward increasing access to education,” said Riquelme.

The next annual International Seminar will take place in October 2018.


Honors College Faculty and former FIU Online Educational Technology Manager.