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Barnes and Noble at FIU

FacultyEnlight is a source for researching, adopting, and sharing insights about textbooks and course material. In preparation for upcoming semesters, faculty should declare required and recommended textbook and instructional materials for their lecture or lab courses via FacultyEnlight. Faculty should also declare if their courses will not require material to be purchased by students. Effective summer 2017, the following course types where faculty require or recommend course material should also submit their adoption by the legal deadline:

  •    Directed Individual Study
  •    Graduate Dissertation/Thesis
  •    Individual Performance Instruction
  •    Internships
  •    Supervised Research/Teaching and other

Affordability Counts

Looking to adopt new course material or find resources to help lower costs for students? The Affordability Counts Program is a great place to start. With hundreds of FIU’s course offerings already carrying the Affordability Counts medallion, the university remains committed to lowering textbook costs for students by recognizing courses with course material under $60. A variety of resources are available to help faculty find affordable course materials.

5 Ws of FacultyEnlight

Read more about textbook adoptions for courses and FacultyEnlight below:

Who: Faculty teaching lecture or lab-type courses, or using required or recommended material in course types listed above.

What: Declare whether required or recommended resources will or will not be used in upcoming courses. Early adoptions allow students ample time to shop around for the lowest price, take advantage of the FIU Barnes & Noble Price Match program and find purchase and rental options. It also ensures that inventories of books required or recommended at FIU remain in our bookstore rather than traveling to other institutional bookstores where such adoptions have been submitted early. Additionally, the bookstore uses this information for buyback programs for later resale. In the past academic year, this has added to over $1.5 million in savings for students. 

When: The legal deadline for semester adoption is 45 days prior to the start of the semester.

Where: FacultyEnlight site: fiu.facultyenlight.com

Why: The latest legislation on Textbook and Instructional Material Affordability (HB 7019) (Section 1004.085 of Florida Statutes), in effect since July 1, 2016, stipulates that at least 95% of all required and recommended textbooks and course materials be reflected via the official system, FacultyEnlight, 45 days prior to each term’s first day of class.


Should you have any questions, please contact the Barnes & Noble bookstore staff at fiubook@fiu.edu or by phone at 305-348-3923 or 305-348-3924. To submit your textbook adoptions, visit fiu.facultyenlight.com. For free or low-cost textbooks and course materials, visit the Learn section of the Affordability Counts website for valuable information.

Erika Huezo was a Senior Instructional Designer at FIU Online. She joined FIU Online in 2010 as a Course Developer, helping to create an introduction to online teaching course for faculty and assisted with the department’s implementation of the Quality Matters (QM) program standards. Erika worked closely with faculty to create engaging learning environments and kept current with instructional theories, tools, and trends.

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