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With about 65 percent of the population estimated to be visual learners, it has never been more important to leverage digital tools like video in higher education. Consider the magnitude of the aforementioned statistic from the Social Science Research Network. It’s staggering to reflect on the fact that without visual aids, less than half of students will be fully engaged. This is where NBC Learn can help online faculty and their instructional designers (IDs) create effective curriculum that shows and tells students information.

Explore the video archives

Understanding this, FIU Online designated a portion of its tech fee, for the next two years, to subscribe to NBC Learn. This allows Florida International University’s online faculty, campus-wide, to have access to NBC News archives. NBC has one of the largest archives in the world dating back to the 1920s. The archives include stories from programs such as NBC Nightly News, the TODAY show, Meet the Press, Dateline NBC, as well as stories from the MSNBC, CNBC and Telemundo networks. In addition, the collection is updated daily with current events and each video snippet is under six minutes in length.

Imagine teaching a public health course on the crisis in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria with real video. Students could see the recovery efforts, reports on the progression of disease in a community or clean-water efforts. Envision a mass communications class using real-world press conference video from worldwide organizations to explain a strategic communications method. Videos can undeniably help augment lessons with mainstream news and history in motion. They can also help explain abstract concepts or hard-to-visualize topics.

Using NBC Learn for alignment

To use NBC Learn, online faculty members can submit their curricula to NBC Learn’s complimentary curriculum alignment service. The service helps identify resources that best match with any class. In other words, faculty and their IDs don’t have to do their own search, they can simply email curricular materials to curriculum@nbcuni.com and within a week, receive a link with summaries of videos relevant to an online course. This service saves valuable research time usually devoted to hunting down relevant, timely and high-quality multimedia content from trusted sources. What’s more, you can embed NBC Learn videos directly in Canvas courses. Alternatively, you can stream the videos or use them as stand-alone resources to enhance learning for weekly objectives.

As you devise ways to move students closer to desired learning outcomes, consider the power of video. It can help you cover a subject more completely. Show and tell isn’t dead in the higher education online classroom—it just received an upgrade with video.

Think you’re interested? Contact your ID to coordinate your curricular material submission to NBC Learn.


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