Celebrate: Latest Canvas Updates

Update Button on Computer Glass Keyboard

You may have noticed a few differences in Canvas after the latest update on July 18, 2020. The first most visible change is that your Canvas Dashboard lists all Published courses together in one section and Unpublished courses in another section. Now one can easily publish a course from the Dashboard by clicking on the “Publish” button on an unpublished course’s course card. Another one of the Canvas updates is literally something of a celebration.

Confetti for Valid Links

Displays confetti for instructors that run the link validator on a course when no issues are found. Students also get confetti when they turn in an assignment on-time.

If you prefer for celebration confetti to not rain down on your screen, you may disable celebration animations for your individual account.

Assignment Allowed Attempts

Submission attempts can be limited in Canvas assignments. For more information, refer to the video.

Assignment Bulk Editing

The Assignments page now supports editing all assignments, discussion, and quiz dates on a single page. This change allows assignment dates to be adjusted at one time in the same location. For more information on Bulk Edit Assignments refer to the video.

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