Affordability Counts program now live

At the 2016 FIU Online Conference, we provided a sneak peek of the Affordability Counts program.

We are happy to announce that the ‘Affordability Counts’ program is now live at FIU!

This initiative has two objectives:

  1. Help make college education more affordable by encouraging the adoption of low-cost course materials.
  2. Recognize faculty who have proactively made changes in their courses to make course materials more affordable for our students.

How to become a part of the Affordability Counts program:

  1. Commit to lowering course materials to a total cost of $20 or less per credit for students.
  2. Learn how this is possible with the use of low-cost vendors and Open Education Resources on the Affordability Counts website.
  3. Submit your course to the Directory of Affordability Counts.
  4. Receive your medallion! Your recognized course can now proudly carry the Affordability Counts Medallion!

We’re excited to see how Affordability Counts will promote student success by encouraging faculty to use affordable textbook and course material alternatives.

Feel free to reach out to us by sending us an email to

Honors College Faculty and former FIU Online Educational Technology Manager.

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