Adopt Your Fall 2020 Textbook in AIP Now

textbooks popping out of a tablet

In Summer of 2020, FIU transitioned from FacultyEnlight to the Adoption & Insights Portal (AIP) for textbook adoption submissions.

What are the AIP features?

Designed by Barnes & Noble College (BNC) in collaboration with FIU, AIP offers the following new features:

  • Upon login with FIU credentials, view your curated, personalized course list – no searching for your course sections 
  • Re-adopt course materials used in a previous term in one click
  • Search for new materials by ISBN or keyword
  • Review available formats and estimated student pricing
  • Receive automatic, curated reminders of pending adoptions
  • Communicate conveniently with local bookstore support staff and/or 24/7 support
  • Learn about student saving and accessibility initiatives such as the bookstore’s price match guarantee and Open Educational Resources (OER) 

Additionally, FIU’s AIP project website offers many resources for the use of this new system such as a step-by-step user guide, videos, a schedule for walk-in clinics at MMC, BBC and EC, how to request department admin/tier 2 access for faculty/staff who submit adoptions on behalf of others and more. Also, please note that FIU is a pilot institution for this new system. As such, your feedback on the effectiveness of the system, or issues or concerns, is appreciated.

FIU’s Textbook Adoption Goal

We are introducing AIP with the goal of reaching a 100% submission rate by our institutional adoption deadline for Summer 2020 of Thursday, July 2, 2020. Submitting your adoptions promptly ensures that students can look for their course materials at the most affordable price and that our institution remains compliant with Florida statute. Should you have questions, feedback or concerns, please send an email Gitta Montoto to

Enter your FIU credentials after accessing AIP directly, to start submitting adoptions for Fall 2020.

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