Adaptive Learning: Benefits and Considerations

Over the past few years, the coverage on ‘adaptive learning’ in higher education has steadily increased. This has become evident by the increasing number of vendors and publishers offering their unique flavor of “adaptive” learning. So, what exactly is adaptive learning? Defining Adaptive The formal definition is: systems that provide each student with a personalized […]

2017 UPCEA Annual Conference

FIU Online presents at 2017 UPCEA Annual Conference

2017 UPCEA Annual Conference FIU Online was invited to present a concurrent session at the 2017 UPCEA Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois. UPCEA is the University Professional & Continuing Education Association. UPCEA was founded in 1915 and this was the 102nd annual conference for them. Matthew Acevedo (Instructional Design Manager), Jessica Rodriguez (Online Quality Manager) and Gus […]

It’s about time: an inside look at when students interact with their online course

FIU Online leveraged data available via the Blackboard Learn learning management system to figure out when students were interacting with their online course. We engaged in research to analyze the specific dates of the week during which students in fully online courses interacted with and submitted work in their course. With this research, we sought to […]

Report: The Benefits of Quality Matters Certification: What the Analytics Reveal

FIU Online is happy to share a new report titled: “The Benefits of Quality Matters Certification: What the Analytics Reveal“. To access the report, please visit: Summary: FIU Online engaged in research to highlight the benefits to both students and faculty when taking and teaching an online course that has received the Quality Matters certification. FIU Online […]