Pick of the Week: ApprenNet

By Gus Roque

This week’s “Pick of the Week” is a video tool called ApprenNet.

Summary: ApprenNet is a video exercise solution which lets online students upload video responses to video exercises, provide peer-reviews for other video responses from students in their class, and

then unlock the “expert response” from a faculty or facilitator. The video exercise is broken down into 3 sections:

Step 1: Watch Video Prompt and Respond via video: Learners are given a challenge and upload a response via video (recorded via desktop webcam or smartphone App).

Step 2: Watch/Peer Review video responses from other students. Learners assess each other, and in the process, reflect on their own practice. Students provide feedback and constructive criticism through the peer-review process.

Step 3: Unlock Expert Response. Once enough peer reviews have been completed (as decided by faculty), the ‘Expert Response’ is unlocked; a video showing the correct way to answer the challenge. Learners watch best practice videos and receive expert feedback to refine their skills.

Website: http://info.apprennet.com/

Why use it?: Video assignments through ApprenNet are more engaging than a discussion board or written assignment completed individually. Faculty can also ‘feature’ the best response to the rest of the class.

I’m in, what’s next? Contact your instructional designer to get started.

Screenshots: see 4 screenshots below.


Honors College Faculty and former FIU Online Educational Technology Manager

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